For our clients, we plan, develop and launch products on the market. Never before have companies been able to distribute their products in as many markets as they do today. This opportunity has great potential, but it also comes with risks.

Technical and trade barriers are a big problem, there are many different political forces, systems of requirements at the international level, and there is no single approach to technical standards of product quality.


Laws and Research
  • Advising and Research of Innovations
  • Legislatives Advising and Monitoring
  • Individual Documentation and Research
  • Trademark Registration and Research
  • Market Information Assessments
  • Integration of System Marketing
  • Quality Control Research and Advising
Quality Certification
  • Detailed Production Analysis and Research
  • Creating Technical Specifications
  • Analysis of Technical Requirements
  • Analysis of the Quality Management System
  • Development of Technical Documents
  • Quality Conformity Assessment
  • Certification of EAC/CE on Products
  • Supplier Network Management
  • Consulting and Research on Logistics
  • Consulting on Certification EAC/CE
  • Analysis of Technological Processes
  • Advising and Research on Customs Issues
  • Consultations in the Field of Processes and Procedures
  • Analysis of the Enterprise Supplier System
Product Certification Systems

Most of the products released to the markets are subject to certification, declaration and permanent quality control.

Failure to comply with these requirements can have significant consequences. We provide certification services for all types of products for all regions of the globe.

We also inform our customers about all possible barriers and regulations in international markets and help to distribute products internationally.

What We Do:
We advise and accompany our clients in ensuring the possibility of distributing their products on the Eurasian and international markets.

Our team of experts supports our customers throughout the entire product cycle from production planning to marketing of finished products.

During product development, we are engaged in research, identification, as well as preparation and monitoring of global requirements for technical working conditions.

At the same time, we monitor existing requirements and restrictions, and plan appropriate changes to our customers' products.
Who Do We Work For:
Our services are focused on the requirements of our customers. We provide our clients with reliable and objective information about possible restrictions and regulations in the markets they are interested in. In addition, we provide conformity certification and technical documentation development services for all types of products and for all regions of the globe.
How We Work:
We are an interdisciplinary and well-formed team of experts from various fields of economics and engineering, which gives us the opportunity to individually adapt to the needs of our customers.

In accordance with the requirements and production situation of our customers, we develop ways to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and make your product as accessible as possible to our customers' consumers.
Product Support

We offer our customers product support throughout its life cycle and product support at all stages of its development. We serve our clients individually and focus on the needs and goals of our clients.

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