Optimization of production processes of enterprises pursues two main goals. Firstly, it is an improvement in the quality of finished products, and secondly, it is a reduction in the total cost of manufacturing products. To achieve these goals, the following methods are used in production enterprises: changing the working methods of the enterprise and using more modern production technologies in production processes.

Optimization of production processes affects the main parts of production in industrial enterprises:

Increase In Product Turnover - In a highly competitive market, an increase in production volumes rarely leads to the desired result, as a rule, an increase in production volumes only increases the costs of the enterprise. For the successful distribution of products on the market, it is necessary to lower prices, endow products with additional characteristics and other advantages for a better assessment of quality by consumers.

Reduction Of Operating Expenses - Optimization of production processes at the enterprise should lead to an increase in the efficiency of personnel and optimization of resource use. Rational Use Of Resources - As part of the optimization of production processes at enterprises, the company's productivity should increase, and the use of resources should decrease.

Ways to Optimize Production

When managing an enterprise in order to optimize production activities, first of all, current production processes are affected. The goal of optimization is to improve the actual production processes of manufacturing products.

There are two main ways to optimize production:

  1. Optimization of Production Processes
  2. Lean Manufacturing

The task of innovations is to optimize production processes on an ongoing basis. Temporary measures do not bring the desired result.

Process Optimization

The principles of production optimization are primarily aimed at improving product quality and efficient allocation of resources. Specialists are involved in production optimization procedures, departments are formed and additional employees are hired. Focusing on the competence of specialists, a project is being developed to modernize the industrial production of the enterprise.

Project development implies the following factors:

Specialists know: the production process, equipment deficiencies, inconvenient technologies in production, the distribution of resources in production and how all these factors affect the quality and speed of production.

Practical knowledge is used in the development of the project, which takes into account internal and external factors of influence on the production processes of the enterprise. Subsequently, all these factors affect the reduction of the company's expenses.

For the active involvement of the company's employees in the development of the project, the material encouragement of the initiatives of the company's employees is used. An operational group is selected from the entire team, which will advise specialists.

The activities of the operational group are supervised by the management of the industrial enterprise. To perform the tasks of optimizing production, the interaction of all employees of the company is necessary. This type of optimization is usually used in medium and large enterprises. This approach allows us to achieve great results in improving the work of the company.

Lean Manufacturing

This method of optimization implies the exclusion of all production processes in the organization that lead to additional costs. The main condition is the production of a limited number of goods and the use of a limited number of employees in the production process.

Thus, as part of the optimization of processes, costs are reduced:

  1. The Factory Produces Exactly as Much as the Consumer Needs
  2. Saving of Materials and Raw Materials in Production
  3. Saving Production Sites
  4. Saving of Technical Capacities
  5. Saving Personnel Costs

Lean manufacturing gives long-term results without loss in product quality. Production processes do not lose in the quality of technological development.

How Optimization Works

In order for the optimization of production processes to bring a decent result, it is necessary to take into account the following factors of production and the specifics of the company:

  • Orientation to the Specifics of the Company
  • Management Responsibility
  • Variety of Approaches
  • Stages of Events

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