New opportunities that are suitable for your company and fit into your production program are new strategically attractive areas for the development of your production business. The development of new production lines is an important part of the strategic development of companies and requires a measured combination of new products, new markets and new sales channels.

Stages of Production Development

The development of production areas is to stimulate the growth of production, due to the variety of products and the introduction of new types of products.

The main stages of production development:

  1. Market Research
  2. Demand Study
  3. Exploring the Possibilities
  4. Study of Demand Development
  5. Studying the Development of Markets
  6. Implementation of Opportunities
  7. Increasing Production

The study of the potential development of markets and consumer demand in specific regions are the starting processes in the optimization of production and the introduction of new production processes. A proper analysis of the potential of market development and consumer demand development should be carried out permanently and at the same time resort to the services of independent experts with many years of experience. This is the only way to provide an objective assessment of the real possibilities of selling additional products and increasing production capacity.

After the types of activities and specific working conditions are determined, long-term projects are launched to optimize the product range and/or introduce new types of products into the production processes of the enterprise. An expanded range of manufactured goods or new products are introduced through marketing campaigns and well-structured communications with representatives of distribution partners.

Consulting Services in Business Development

The involvement of independent experts for an objective assessment of the development potential of a manufacturing enterprise is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized specialized industrial enterprises.

The Inorms offers a full package of services for the assessment and development of industrial enterprises and optimization of industrial production in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Enterprise Development Strategy

Strategic business development consists not only of strategic planning, which is the center of future enterprise planning and develops financial plans for the introduction of new products and optimization of production processes, but also the missing link between the planning and implementation of the future industrial enterprise. In the process of development, a manufacturing enterprise usually faces a lot of unforeseen problems, often associated with the unique challenges of a particular enterprise, the solution of these problems is a cry to the development of the enterprise.

Currently, there is a growth of consulting companies in the EEU market, industrial enterprises must find real professionals with decent knowledge and work experience in all the huge mass of companies. Our company has specialists engaged in business development and studying the possibility of adding a new direction for industrial enterprises.

As part of our competent activities, we conduct market and consumer demand analyses in order to correctly assess the development potential of our customers' manufacturing enterprises. The development of the manufacturing business actually means going beyond the usual production processes and thereby applying technical innovations that provide strategic advantages to our customers' enterprises.

Skills and Knowledge in the Field of Production Development

Each consulting company should have a team of specialists aimed not only at assessing long-term goals and development of production, but also a team of experts engaged in determining the medium- and short-term directions of the company. This approach to planning the production processes of enterprises provides a complete and objective assessment of the company's activities in a heterogeneous perspective.

When planning the optimization and expansion of the company's production activities, it makes sense to focus on its development within the existing framework and maximize the use of existing infrastructure without resorting to additional investments in production facilities. It is also important to hire and develop new employees only if the potential of existing employees of the enterprise is fully utilized.

Personnel for Business Development

Specialists responsible for the development of the enterprise should be able to quantify and qualitatively assess the advantages and disadvantages of the company, have analytical and research skills to conduct a complete analysis of the enterprise, identify its strengths and weaknesses and ensure its long-term development. Ultimately, they must ensure the dynamic development of an industrial company. In addition to production planning, it is important to assess the cost of individual production processes and optimize the actions of the company's employees and the workload of the company's production facilities.

During the analysis of production, it is usually difficult to assess the company's activities. The further away a specialist is from the sales department, the harder it is to assess his contribution to the company's activities. For the successful development of the enterprise, it is important to balance the balance between the internal and external activities of the enterprise.

Thus, our specialists begin their work by studying incoming data and accumulate information about the enterprise until they have enough data to assess the production capabilities of an industrial enterprise.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Advising on the Development and Implementation of New Business Lines
  • Assistance in the Development and Implementation of New Directions and Business Processes
  • Development of New Directions and Production on an Industrial Scale

For more information regarding the introduction of new business lines, please contact us by phone or email.

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