The development and implementation of innovative technologies in the production processes of industrial enterprises is based on the use of scientific tools and methods in all areas of industrial production. The development and implementation of new technologies is a direct path to the dynamic development of the company and the acquisition of strategic competitive advantages.

The development and implementation of production technologies takes place in accordance with universal rules and guidelines that have proven themselves in the world practice of optimizing industrial production.

Detailed Production Analysis

As a rule, any technical support is developed by specialists in the laboratory and passes a test period before full-scale implementation into the production processes of industrial enterprises. For the production of equipment, professionals are developing a special document called "terms of reference", this document sets out all the technical characteristics and requirements for production equipment and a detailed description of the principles of operation of production facilities.

The terms of reference consist of the following documents:

  • Technical Data Sheet of Equipment
  • Production Drawing of Equipment
  • Justification of Equipment Safety
  • Instructions for Using the Equipment
  • Production Documentation of the Equipment

The terms of reference are implemented according to the principles of scalability, which means the ability of a system, process or complex to increase its own performance depending on the increase in input resources.

The equipment that is used in laboratories for testing before making a final decision on the implementation of specific installations in specific production processes does not differ significantly from the final version of the equipment at all, they have a similar shape and internal structure.

The purpose of the research is to confirm the absence of technical problems, compliance with the requirements for equipment configuration and compliance with the declared technical and economic characteristics. As a rule, in the Eurasian Economic Union, production equipment is manufactured in accordance with Technical Regulations (TR EEU).

New Industrial Technologies

The next stage of the development of advanced technologies is carried out directly in production, at this stage, industrial technologies are introduced into specific production processes of industrial enterprises.

The introduction of new technical capacities into the production processes of enterprises takes place systematically and covers all departments of the enterprise. First of all, the introduction of new developments is mastered by the service personnel.

To fully master the innovations and their management mechanism, employees can contact the technical management of the project and request auxiliary information on equipment maintenance. The stage of technology implementation is usually associated with significant capital investments, if you skip this stage, there is a possibility of losing a large amount of resources and funds of the company through not fully planned technology implementation.

When introducing innovative technologies into the production processes of industrial enterprises, as a rule, difficulties arise not with the processes of implementing industrial technologies, but with an objective assessment of the effectiveness of applied technical innovations.

Empirical evaluation of the effectiveness of the applied technology is carried out taking into account the following criteria and indicators of industrial production:

  1. Initial Action Plan
  2. Initial Production Task
  3. Comparison of the Initial Plan and the Achieved Result
  4. The Level of Success of the Project, Evaluation by Production Indicators
  5. Assessment of Unforeseen Circumstances that Occurred During the Optimization Project

As a result, the main evaluation decision is made and voiced by the customer, if the customer is satisfied with the result of the work done and considers the tasks assigned to our team of specialists completed, then we are happy to help our customers, if the customer considers the tasks not completed, then we are ready to continue working until the customer's satisfactory result.

Introduction of New Systems into Production

After passing all the test procedures, technical equipment is gradually introduced into specific production processes to make them as efficient as possible. In the process of implementation, there is a clear and systematic tracking of the achievement of the stated goals of our client's industrial enterprise.

If necessary, the components and software are refined. There is also a permanent tracking of the possibilities of additional equipment modernization. The production equipment is considered by our specialists as a dynamic production system. Thus, production systems are subject to constant efficiency analysis in the mode of real industrial production.

Scaling Of Production Processes

The scaling of Production Processes can be different. Technical systems are usually improved by their quality indicators, for example, such as: power or speed, such systems are vertically scalable. This type of technical systems is considered the simplest, in such systems the overall performance is increased by replacing individual components.

Based on this, production systems are planned so that they can provide not only synergy when using the production system together, but also, if necessary, function smoothly in a separate state. In addition to vertical scaling, there is horizontal scaling. Here productivity is increased by adding additional resources to the existing complex of production facilities, devices and tools.

This method of scaling production processes is usually more difficult to implement, because project managers cannot have accurate information in advance about the development of planned production and about the necessary amounts of resources that will be needed to optimize the production processes of the enterprise. Such circumstances entail the need to make changes to production processes that will allow you to promptly update the amount of necessary resources.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Development of Innovative Technologies
  • Introduction of Innovative Technologies
  • Management of Modernization Projects

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